Minecraft Pocket Edition: Fortnite Add-On Download

This is a brand new add-on called Minecraft Pocket Edition: Fortnite Add-On Download. This addon includes weapons and items from the game Fortnite. There’s only one gun though, and that’s the Scar, due to the fact that there is only one type of bow in Minecraft which can be replaced. Also the title screen has been changed. However, in order to enable the changed title screen you must enable the resource pack in Global Resources in Settings. Enjoy playing!

Creator: MrMinechest, Twitter Account, Enjoy playing!

How does it work?

Here are some examples of the items which have been replaced by items from the popular Fortnite game. The bow has been replaced by a Scar, and arrows are replaced by bullets. The snowball is replaced by a grenade. The grenade is an explosive with a very short throwing range.


Here’s a complete list of the features.

  • Med Kit (replaces Golden Apple)
  • Ammo (replaces Arrows)
  • Scar (replaces Bow)
  • New textures for pickaxes and swords
  • Glider (replaces Elytra)
  • Bandages (replaces  Potion of Healing)
  • Grenade (replaces Snowball)
  • Changed title screen to be similar to the Fortnite background



Minecraft Pocket Edition: Fortnite Add-On Download Showcase:

1. Download Fortnite Add-On (+Resource Pack) here

2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

3. Have fun!

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